Darkness and Fire: The truth about the Carson estate

The cabinet has just fallen down with a crash. Against one wall there are ship parts, pulley, lumber, ship repair tools, hamers, saws. Mismatched cabinets , as though from many different homes. There are 5 cabinets (one is a bookcase), one we broke. There are things stacked on the bookcase, like tools and crap. The flikcring light makes it hard to see.
We stop to listen, and can’t hear the dogs or the storm. I can hear a clock ticking, I think. Gunter blames everyone else, then starts looking around. After James tells me to be careful, I go over to look at stuff. Oliver grabs the lamp, and looks at what has spilled out of the cabinet, like twists of black rope, tied into nautical knots, with tags on each one. Gunther realizes that these are made from human hair!!!! He drops them, and asks for James. James comes up with a broom, and after Gutnther tells himssomething, James gasps.
Oliver is looking at ropes and pulleys with the lantern, looking for valuble things, like silver spoons. Underneath a sail, he finds an old nautical pistol! Whoa! Violet is trying to talk Gunther into taking the gun.He goes into the shadows to play with his new toy. Violet goes and opens a cabinet, and finds a large collection of knives! Many of the knives are made of stone; there is a coil of rope in the back. James continues to boss everyone around. Violet hears the creeking of floorboards, somewhere up above. Then goes to look at the table. Oliver goes and shows James his gun, then James goes to see what is behind the door. Gunther finds a mounted fish, and a spear. He takes it to the light, and sees that it intricately carved with pictograhs and strange letters. Violet has gone to the corner cabinet, and it is filled with jars, apothecary jars. Some of them have mechanical bits. One is filled with black grains. Some mechanical parts are weirdly put together.

Soothing is like pumice. Violet gets a jar filled with liquid, nd sees that there is a severed head , pickld in the jar. “Guys, look!!!”

Suddenly, the door at the top of the stairs opens, and a shaft of light lances down. Oliver goes up the stairs, after ditching his pistol, trying to take the blame. I try to hide in the dark corner, Violet crawls into the cabinet, which as a acid, earthy smell.
It turns out that Uncle Anthony Maxwell, kindly?, is at the top of the stairs. (He is Bianca’s Brother. James makes up a story about being chased by the dogs. Clearly, Max does not belive James. James protests, but Max wants to come down the stairs and see. Then Oliver comes out of hiding, and exclaims that he has been hit on the head! Anthony takes the two boys, puts his arms around them, and tells them that he understands, and he wants to know what is going on. James sasy, “I nknnow this is a family matter, so I hade to understand so that I can help my mother and my sipbling.s. James knows that of all the people on bloody island, Anthony is always been the one who has tried to make things go well. James says, “blah blah, perhaps then the other children can come out.”
Mathew has been knocked out all this time, and comes to.
I sneak under something musty, and hide.
The cellar is very dark, and Mathew is… hiding.
Gunther is hiding. Anthony clears his throat, and says, “If there are other children hiding down here, you should come out.” “You should tell me if there are other children, because you don’t want to be down here after dark! Lets go, but you have to be very quiet.”
Anthony looks around, then they leave (Anthony, Mathew, Gunther) The west wing clearly has not been used much, but it is still grand. Anthony tells ames that mother has been sick for a year or so.
The door is closed, so then it is completely dark. Violet creeps out of the cabinet. I get the sense that it is indeed dangerous to be down here. I try to got the rest of us to leave. Violet goes and starts up the stairs.

Meanwhile, the others are walking on thick carpet with Uncle Anthony Maxwell. They can hear the ticking clocks. Anthony is looking from side to side, then pushes open a door to a pitch black room, and ushers the kids in- James remembers that this is Father’s drinking room. It smells of whiskey and cigars. It may be connected to Father’s office. Mathew tries to slide into one of the side rooms, and does. Anthony comes into the room, and closes the door with James and Oliver, then leaves. Mathew is in a study of some kind. He hides under a desk. Anthony pokes his head and and calls for Stevens, then leaves, unaware.

Meanwhile, Violet is listening for people, and hears nothing. She decides that the coast is clear. Violet continues up the stairs. She is very curious. Violet opens the door, and hears a door close. She steals a lantern, and runs into a room. It is the same room that Mathew is hiding in. The room has been trashed, and robbed, certainly books are missing. Violet goes to the desk.

Meanwhile, Gunther and I are sitting in the dark, waiting. Gunther starts to make his way to the stairs, I follow on all fours.

Meanwhile, Oliver lights a lamp, and they can see the big liquor cabinot, plush leather couches, big portrait of Gunther and Bianca between two big winders, then the headlamps from a hansom throw light into the room as it drives up and around. A man gets out of the cab, and comes up to the door, it is Dr. Hadley, who has been treating Mother.

Meanwhile, Gunther goes be the door outside in the hallway and and Anthony comes in and says, “I found the kids in here, so I put them in a room. I hope they stay in the room. Gunther sees that Anthony is with the Dr.

Meanwhile, Violet and Matt hears them go by, talking about preparing something.

Oliver can see something moving outside in the trees, something bigger than the dogs, the rain is bending around something. It moves branches too. James wants to go see Mother, since the Dr. is here, this may mean something is wronk with Mother.

Mathew and Violet: Violet goes to the desk, Mathew tries to trip her thinking she is Anthony, they get tangled up, then Violet crawls under the desk with him. They look around-

We hear a high pitched hoarse female scream!

End of the hall there are double doors; into a rarely used ballroom.

Oliver takes me to a window, and in a crash of lightning I see a broad flat face with black hair in the woods, then it is gone.

James is in the ballroom, and by the crash of lightning, he can see tubes coming out of the organ, onto a table in the middle of the ballroom, upon which Bianca is laying, with the tubes going into her. She is ghostly white, with cracks upon her skin creeping towards her face. Tubes and cords are going into her chest, all from the organ. There is no way she could be alive; she is not breathing. Gunther strolls in. The machine is humming. The ticking clock that we heard was the ticking of this machine.

James tells us not to come close, and Bianca grabs his neck! Bianca is gagging around a tube, making sputtering choaking noises. Gunther can see that Bianca is dead! Bianco tries to communicate! The machine is perfusing something into her, replacing her fluids with a black oil! Looking at the tube feeding into her, there is a black residue like the stuff that Violet found in the cupboard. Bianca gasps, “Children! You have to get out of here!” “You have to get Gunther’s Journal! It is the only way you can understand! Jimmy, get the journal, then get George Wilson, he is the only one you can trust!” James is sobbing inconsolably. “I have always loved you children!” Gunther manages to stop the machine, and Biancas eyes flutter closed.
We hear Father’s voice, “CHILDREN!”
James says, “Oliver! Give me the pistol!”
Gunther picks up the tub of the stuff they pumped out of Mother.
Oliver gives James the pistol.
Mathew runs back to the study, with Violet.
I stand, terrified!
Father enters onto the balcony, and his face is a mask of rage!
Oliver and Gunther carry the tub out of the room.
Coming down from the balcony, is Father, Dr., Anthony, and Johanes Gupter, with some sort of device/backpack/rifle, and he levels it at James.
James, “This is my Mother!”
Father says, “You don’t know what love is! It’s coming for you too!”
James Shoots his father in the shoulder!
Johanes starts to crank up his gun, it is revving up!
I try to trick Johannes, but a bolt of energy comes towards James, and the crackling bolt misses him by inches!
The other kids are searching the study, and find a rat in a drawer. They then see that there are more rats in the room! The rat in the drawer has tumors on it’s muzzle. Violet and Mathew smash the rat with a candlestick. The broken drawer reveals a hidden compartment! It contains a rat-eaten book! Matt grabs it.
I manage to throw some black goo into Father’s face. Johannes shoots James , but he catches the lightning and throws it back at him! He shoots randomly into the ceiling, sparks are raining down onto Mother’s dead body. James and I push Mother out of the way of a falling chandelier.
The other kids run into Mrs. Stevens. “Get back to the nursery!” She starts running after Gunther.
The chandelier shatters, fire spreads, one of the tubes explodes, James grabs the gouting tube and points it at Father. It is hot, James drops it.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Stevens is chasing Oliver and Gunther. Dr. Hadley pulls a revolver, and points it at them. “Don’t Kill Them!” “But they have ruined everything!”
The revelovel goes off, and it shatters the banister next to them. The kids get the tub of fluid to the top of the stairs.
Matthew runs towards the ballroom. Violet and Matt get into an argument about who should have the journal.
Father comes up to Mother, and I tell him to get away, there are terrible things in the forest. I the next lightning flash a flat faced man is seen in the window. Johannes is a blackened lump, and James runs down and grabs me.
In the hallway, we find Violet and Mathew.
Suddenly from outside the house, we hear a strange uluation! Indian drums!
James runs upstairs to find Gunther.
Hadley is trying to shoot at Gunther. James smashes a lamp on the floor, starting a fire! The fire hits a gas lamp on the wall, and it flares, catching Hadleys coat on fire! Gunther and Oliver run into a room and close the door. Lock the door, and barricade it.
As Violet, Mathew, and I see figures coming out from the trees, running towards the house, silently, pouring into the house through the wall! One runs right through me!
A black hansom cab pulls up. Geoarge Wilson shouts, “Get in!!”
A figure runs at Hadley, and knocks him back, then vanishes!
James runs up to the bedroom, runs past Mrs. Stevens, and pounds on the beadroom door, “We have to get out of here! The house is on fire!!” Oliver opns the door, Gonther hides the thing, then they run out to leave the house.
Anthony and Hadley run out of the house.
Gunther runs back into the house, lowers the tub, then gets out himself.
I understand that these figures come from the earth. And they are clearly dead.
We, and the tub, all get into the cab. As we drive away, the mansion burns. George takes us to the docks.
A man from Pinkerton Detective Agency tells us that they are looking into it.
Afterwards, no one is allowed back onto Bloody Island again, there is a posted guard by the State of Jefferson.

James Carson, the illegitimate eldest son and rule-follower (16) Karl
Gunther “Alexander” Carson, Jr., the legitimate eldest son and instigator (15) Josh
Violet Carson, the middle child and political savant (12) Sierra
Corva Carson, the adopted youngest child and noble savage (9)
Matthew Stevens, the housekeeper’s son and “shoulder to cry on” (16)Scott
Oliver Alexandre, the ship captain’s son and tinkerer (12) David



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