Hidden by the Storm

Something afoot at the Gunther Mansion

Eureka, Jefferson.

Corvus Corax, was found in the woods when she was 8, by the Carsons, who were handsome, back in the day. She has the plain, calm look, like a beloved heirloom.

We are gathered this Christmas by Gunther, Decemeber 22, it is raining, cold, quite cold, 40 degrees, the wind is hitting the shingle. Bianca Carson is quite ill, taken to bed or ays at a time. Mir. Gunther has set for doctors, but they say she is just wastenig away. She is spooning her soup, making weak conversation. The kides are sitting at a separate table, three dock workers are at the adult table with Mr. Gunther. Mr. Maxwell is also sitting next to Bianca, he has come to help us out . Mrs. Stevens tells [scott] to take the POToes to the kides table. Suddenly, Bianca starts to choke, and collapses. {Karl] goes to her, and she is incredibly pale and drawn. Her skin is pale, dry,
cracking. Bianca looks up to [karl].
Mr. Gunther, originally fram South Africa, wraps his massive sailors arm around Bianca, hoisters her out of the chari urto her shoulder , and bears her away.
“I will not be disturbed, do not bother me, I will be in the West wing.”
“Mrs, Stevens, take the children to their rooms, I will tell youw when they can com see their mother.”
[Scott} brings back the pototaes, and brings them around. [Dave] grabs food. [karl] leaves to go to his room. Mrs, stevens instead tells us to gon the the nursery.
Mrs stevens hussels us to the nursery. [Scott] is levft behind to clean up.
We ale bustled into the nursery.

TNhe nursey is dusty, rocking hors. It has become the storage room, bassinette, piano, filled with white dusty shadows. Massive dormer window, rain streaming down. Horrible weather. Rain.
“Take these ‘scones’ to the children”. Mr. McDougal head into the west wing.
Mrs Stevenson locks us into the room. Oliver pulls a nail out of the wainstoccing, and pics the lock. It is a big keyhole. Ollie pics the lock with incredible ease. Ollie sees Stevenson turning out the lamps- it seems unusual; we have not been in the nursurey in years.
I feel that the air in the house is exceptionally weird. Heavy, breathless, anticipation.
Stevenson is moving in haste. [Scott} trys to understand with a 19. Stevenson is VERY focused. [karl] tells us to relax, it is probably just.

I say, “This is different”.

Matheyw sneaks out. Violet is watching, waiting for somethi to happen.
[Karl tries to get us to, “behave, for Mother and Father.
[josh says, “They do not always know what is best.
Oliver is trying to sneax out and see what is going on. [drew the fool]
Down below, Ollie can see Mrs Stevens, who is charging up. “Back into the rrom!!”

Ollie is hauled into the rom by his ear.

Matt is given the eye by Stevenson, he is in trouble.

Stevenson puts a chair under the knob, locking us into the room.

We are on the side of the house, Matt knows of ivy growing along the house. Jimmy wants us to stay put. Alex is trying to maintain order

Ollie goes to the window, tries to open it, as scream, it is Bianca!!!
It goes on and on, then is cut off. We are in theEast wing, they are in the Wst wing. Matt takes off, trying ot get to the West wing. ‘Even the servants have not been in the westwing folr 6 month.s

Ollie forces a window open, and it opens enough for us to get through.

There is a big drive that drives around from the … to these houses. [Josh is moving debris away. Josh goes to Violet’s room, then goes to the ledgqu.

Somebody is halpway out thet wind,w.

[Sierra is dangling from [Daves hand. She manages to wall walk up, nd lay on top of ollie.


I poke my head out the window, and hear the baying of degs, they are coutside the manor. They are quite loud.
They have seemes, the last yeal, much more feral. They were always shipyard dogs, bet they are muc more fierce. Now.

[Josh tries to forte the door, Ollie opens

I wil climb around the hous, following the kids as they go down the staircaes. The architecture seems to differeth than they they remember..

I can see the ligt coming up .

Mr. Jenkens.

[Karl begs that Jenkins help. He says that he has not ben in there fro the last 6 months. Jenkins reminds that there is the servants entrance, so perhaps that is the way that they get in ther. He as agigantic ring of keys, he works it off, nad gives it to Jimmy. “Don’t get caught, James, your father is in strange mood.”.
“something is trange with the dofs, do not go close to the dogs.”

The key is given to James.

We ar following after James. Just th eligt of the kithren. James wants to find out what is going with Mother. He tucks an unlit lamp, just in case. “James tell us to be care ful.

[josh goes to the kitchen. Stevenson is doing some work, as [josh is wathring. It is clearry not salt or peeper. The peer flakes aer solid black, and the salt is bigger and grayer.

This is a new spiee. It was in the salt shaker. Weird burlap sack.

Josh graps salami for the dogs. Jenkins is repeacing is warning.

The rain is driving down, we are drenched.

Karl tries to unlock the door, which is rusted frcom the rain. He trys to strength the door, but between karl and ollie, they force the door. It is a cellar door, which goes down. The door is very rusty. If realeased, it will salm shut. Avery steep stair goes down, and there is a door down there.
Matt is left hold the door- once he let’s go, ti will slam. As Matt goes down, a massive dog’s head – many of them?- are poking out. Tumars or baracles or cysts are all over it’s face. E

The cabinets spill as we breax down the door…



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