Edges are specific areas of competence possessed by your character. They are similar to skills (or perhaps skill specialties) in other games. Having an Edge in a particular field increases your character’s chances of success when undertaking actions covered by that field. Typically, an Edge grants you [ + ], allowing you to flip two cards instead of one when taking a particular type of action and picking whichever one you choose. Higher value Edges allow you to flip additional cards; thus an Edge of Throw (2) would grant you [ + ] [ + ] to any throwing-related Strength tests, allowing you to flip three cards instead of one when chucking a chair at someone, for example. However, some Edges grant a static benefit or allow you to flip a bonus card in a situation where you ordinarily would not be granted a flip at all.

Some example Edges are detailed below, under the statistic with which they are associated. I’ve stuck with mechanical Edges, primarily; there are a lot of other possible Edges that are more creative than these!


Athletics: running, jumping, climbing trees

Powerlifting: bending bars and lifting gates

Throwing: hurling massive objects with tremendous force!

[Melee Weapon] Attack: applies only to a specific type of melee weapon, e.g., Sabre Attack (1), Hammer Attack (2)

[Melee Weapon] Damage: grants a bonus flip when calculating melee damage with a specific kind of melee weapon, e.g., Wrench Damage (1)


Endurance: resisting exhaustion, lack of food, extreme environmental conditions

Constitution: resisting the ravages of poison and disease

Health: grants an additional Wound per rank; does not confer additional [ + ]

Toughness: grants a bonus flip, added to Toughness when determining damage totals


Dancing: some people just really have an edge on the dance floor, you know?

Stealth: moving quietly from shadow to shadow…

Dodging: applies only in situations where a character could reasonably be expected to dodge, e.g., in environments with sufficient room and against weapons that move slowly enough to be evaded, likely not including bullets

Speed: Allows the character to move one extra zone per action per Edge; does not confer additional [ + ]


[Art/Craft]: creation of a specific type of art or craft, such as Painting, Sculpture, Underwater Basket Weaving (in combination with Stamina)

Lockpicking: essential for B/E

[Ranged Weapon] Attack: applies only to a specific type of ranged weapon, e.g., Pistol Attack (1), Crossbow Attack (2)

[Ranged Weapon] Damage: grants a bonus flip when calculating ranged damage with a specific kind of ranged weapon, e.g., Rifle Damage (1)


[Academic Subject]: gain additional mastery of Anthropology, English Literature, etc.

Medicine: patching wounds, diagnosing illnesses

Research: general ability to find the information you want in a timely and accurate fashion

[Language]: grants fluency in one (or more?) additional languages per Edge


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