Unopposed Action Resolution

Most actions in the game are resolved by flipping a Fate Card from the top of your Fate Deck, adding a relevant statistic to derive a Total, and comparing it to a Target Number (TN). In an Unopposed Action, this TN will be set by the GM (and/or the situation). Action resolution proceeds in phases, as described below.

Unopposed Action Resolution:
1) Player declares their intended action and the statistic they will use.
Example: Karl announces that his character, Seth, is going to attempt to scale a fence in order to break onto the campus of the mysterious Grail Institute. He states that Seth will be using his Average (6) Strength.

2) The GM decides on a TN based on the difficulty of the stated action plus any modifiers.
Example: As it is nighttime and it is raining, the GM, Sierra, decides that it will be fairly difficult to scale the Institute’s chain link fence. She sets a TN of Fair (14).

3) The player flips for his starting Total and the GM begins narrating outcome.
Example: Karl flips the top card of his Fate Deck: a 7 of Wands. Adding 7 to his Strength of 6 gives Seth a Total of 13 – not sufficient to scale the fence. Sierra narrates how Seth “begins scaling the fence, but the rain falling into his eyes and the slick handholds keep him from making much progress.”

4) The player may Cheat Fate by narrating an Aspect into the action and replacing his flipped card with one from his hand, or may pass and accept the outcome.
Example: Naturally, Karl wants Seth to get over that fence! He narrates how, despite the rain and darkness, Seth’s “Stubborn Persistence” (one of his Aspects) impels him to keep climbing. He replaces the flipped 7 of Wands with a 9 of Cups from his hand, adding the 9 to his Strength of 6 for a Total of 15.

5) The GM or player finishes narrating the outcome of the action.
Example: Sierra gestures for Karl to finish narrating the action. Karl describes Seth vaulting over the top of the fence and landing on the rain-slick grass beyond.

Unopposed Action Resolution

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